How to Make Your Own Natural DIY Foot Soak

How to Make Your Own Natural DIY Foot Soak

Soaking your feet with homemade foot soak is an effective and simple way to treat yourself and someone close to you. Many recipes only take minutes to create and can easily be tailored according to mood or needs. They make thoughtful handmade gifts that you can give anyone you care for.

These DIY foot soak recipes are simple to prepare using ingredients you already have at home – such as coffee which soothes sore feet and improves dry skin conditions.


DIY foot soaks offer the ideal way to soothe tired feet after an exhausting day, being easy and customizable enough for any taste or mood. Furthermore, they are healthier alternatives than commercial foot soaks filled with chemicals that contain fillers like sodium lauryl sulphate.

Many of the ingredients necessary for creating natural foot soaks can be found right in your own pantry, such as warm water, salts and herbs. Many of the recipes found here also utilize ingredients easily accessible at local stores like ginger or citrus for their creation.

The best foot soaks combine ingredients that provide both a relaxing experience and specific benefits to feet. Items like baking soda and essential oils can help eliminate odor, reduce fungal infections and soften skin; while others such as eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil can soothe and calm feet. You can find such natural products at most health food stores.

Make a basic DIY foot soak at home easily: simply combine a gallon of warm (near-hot) water with 1/2 cup of Epsom Salts and 1/4 Cup Baking Soda until they dissolve, stirring to disperse evenly throughout the mixture. Finish it off by adding your preferred essential oil drops for an uplifting, relaxing soak that you can take advantage of any night of the week.

Add ingredients such as ginger, lemon, lavender, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and bentonite clay to elevate your basic foot soak – from relaxing the senses to alleviating pain and inflammation, soothing itchy skin conditions, fighting fungal infections, and increasing hydration levels. Each of these ingredients serves a different purpose – from relaxing muscles to combatting fungal infections or increasing hydration levels.

Apple cider vinegar can make any foot soak even more effective by helping to dissolve dead skin, reduce fungus and odor, and get rid of extra dry, flaky skin – leaving behind baby soft feet! Finally, after the soak is complete, finishing it off with homemade foot scrub can really rejuvenate and soften feet like never before!


Homemade foot soaks are an easy and cost-effective way to soothe sore feet. Made with inexpensive ingredients found around most households, these DIY soak recipes can quickly bring comfort after long days or as part of a weekly pamper session for tired feet. Plus they make wonderful homemade gifts!

Soaking feet is an effective way to remove dead skin cells, moisturize dry and cracked heels, soothe aching feet and decrease ingrown toenail appearance. Furthermore, foot soaks contain ingredients which are gentle on skin while being free from synthetic chemicals or toxins that could otherwise compromise its health.

These homemade foot soaks are filled with soothing herbs and essential oils known for their relaxing properties, like chamomile, lavender and lemon balm, that help ease tension in the mind and body. Infusing peppermint or tea tree oil essential oil with them also has antifungal and antibacterial benefits; combined with skin-nourishing ingredients such as epsom salts, pink himalayan salts or baking soda they combine perfectly as skin-nourishing soaks; some include deodorizing ingredients like apple cider vinegar.

All of these soaks can be quickly prepared. Simply combine ingredients in a glass jar with lid and enjoy! Many ingredients can be purchased from local dollar stores; others may be found online. Plus, these recipes can easily be made to last through multiple uses by adding labels to each jar and refilling when necessary!

Importantly, foot soaks should never be used if there are open wounds on your feet. Furthermore, pure essential oils in bathwater may cause skin irritation as undiluted oils can irritate and inflame.


Foot soaks are a quick and easy way to soothe aching feet. They can aid with conditions such as dry skin and sore muscles while treating cracked heels and providing relaxation. What’s even better about them is their convenience – many ingredients can be found easily at any kitchen pantry or natural store!

There are various natural methods of creating DIY foot soaks at home, most beginning with warm water and adding ingredients such as Epsom salts, baking soda, apple cider vinegar and herbs or essential oils for added relaxation, comfort and skin health benefits.

Epsom salt is an invaluable addition to foot soaks as it softens skin, detoxifies toxins from the body and soothes sore muscles. This natural solution is especially good for soothing dry, irritated feet. Other natural ingredients may provide additional skin-benefiting advantages like baking soda, lavender or apple cider vinegar for additional added advantages.

Baking soda is an indispensable ingredient in foot soak recipes as an exfoliant and deodorizer, and can even help treat athlete’s foot or plantar fasciitis-caused discomfort in feet. Apple cider vinegar provides another effective ingredient as it works to break down dead skin cells as well as soothing sore feet.

These homemade foot soak recipes include herbs and essential oils that provide multiple additional benefits, such as ginger and citrus which have anti-inflammatory properties to soothe pain, lavender’s antibacterial properties soothe aching feet, while lemon peppermint are both refreshing and reviving properties that add a welcome hint of refreshing relaxation.

To create a DIY foot soak naturally, combine all desired ingredients in a bowl and stir them until well mixed. Pour this mixture into a basin large enough to immerse both feet completely and let the soak dissolve naturally over time. If making as a gift, be sure to include a wooden scoop tied with twine for presentation purposes.


Soaking your feet in warm water can be relaxing, but adding extra touches like salts, essential oils and herbs to target specific skin issues and enhance therapeutic benefits can take your soak one step further.

Soaks are particularly effective for relieving sore feet or those suffering from conditions like eczema or athlete’s foot. A quality foot soak can loosen dry, hardened skin at the bottom of your feet while improving circulation and relieving any swelling that might exist.

Just a few drops of essential oil can add soothing aromatherapy properties to a homemade foot soak, but it is crucially important that you are aware of its dilution ratio and dosage – too much could potentially cause harmful side effects; so always dilute essential oils with carrier oils prior to using.

Essential oils added to a homemade foot soak can also help combat bad smells on the feet, especially since sweaty feet that become trapped inside shoes and socks can become breeding grounds for germs and lead to foot odor. A few drops of tea tree essential oil added to a homemade soak will deodorize and cleanse them simultaneously.

Add lemon juice or slices of fresh lemon peel to a homemade foot soak for an effective natural solution to foot odor. Lemon is known for being antibacterial and antiseptic properties; additionally it acts as an effective natural bleach and high in vitamin C which supports healthy nails and skin.

Making your DIY foot soak more potent requires adding baking soda to rice water for maximum hydratation, helping reduce cracked heels by moisturizing skin on feet. Or add coconut milk for an indulgent and rejuvenating experience – simple recipe which will leave feet smooth and soft!

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