Essential Oils for Weight Management – Supporting Your Wellness Journey

Essential Oils for Weight Management – Supporting Your Wellness Journey

Essential oils have been shown to assist with various aspects of our wellness journey, particularly weight management. Essential oils may provide support both physically and psychologically for weight management.

Essential oils won’t directly help with weight loss, but they may be effective at improving mood and motivation, relieving stress and anxiety and curbing cravings for unhealthy foods.

Boost your mood

Essential oils can provide you with a great boost on your weight loss journey. As natural alternatives to conventional prescription medication, they may help alleviate symptoms like stress, anxiety and depression that impede progress toward losing extra pounds.

An upbeat, positive mood can also help prevent cravings for unhealthy foods that often accompany low emotional states. If you find yourself struggling, try applying lavender oil directly onto the wrists or inhaling some bergamot aromatherapy to soothe and lift spirits.

Lemon oil (Citrus limon) can also help to lift mood, as its two constituents help shrink fat cells while soothing muscle pain. A few drops of this bright-scented citrus oil mixed into water will flush out your system and give an energy boost.

Other essential oils with mood-enhancing properties include cypress, juniper, bergamot and pine essential oils. These soothing, cleansing oils also stimulate metabolism rates that lead to improved digestion.

Cinnamon and helichrysum essential oils have long been recognized for their role in healthy blood sugar regulation, with both helping to suppress appetite and facilitate weight loss plans. Other essential oils that support weight management include peppermint, rose and ylang ylang; these can all be added to diffusers or bathwater to provide relaxation benefits and ease feelings of anxiety while simultaneously being good for skin by helping prevent premature aging of fine lines and wrinkles on facial tissue.

Relieve stress

Stress can be one of the greatest impediments to weight loss. It can keep you awake at night, induce emotional eating habits, and make it hard to follow through with an exercise program.

Essential oils are an incredible tool that can help alleviate stress. Essential oils have been known to decrease cravings, boost mood and energy levels and promote better restful sleep.

Essential oils can also assist with detoxifying and curbing appetite, helping regulate your blood sugar levels and contributing to weight loss.

Lavender essential oil can help when you’re feeling anxious. It regulates cortisol release – your body’s main stress hormone – while aiding sleep and digestion.

Bergamot essential oil can also assist with controlling stress-eating habits, acting to relax and rejuvenate the body as well as protecting against oxidative stress that leads to obesity. Extracted from citrus fruit peel, this essential oil has the ability to help combat stress eating habits as it acts anti-inflammatoryly and protects against oxidative damage that contributes to obesity.

Lemon (Citrus limon) essential oil can also provide relief from stress by helping combat cravings and alleviating depression. It contains two constituents which promote positive emotions by altering dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain – making this essential oil an ideal addition to sports balms used post exercise to soothe sore muscles.

These oils can make a tremendous impactful contribution to any wellness routine and weight loss efforts, so give them a try and let us know how they assist! You may just discover they’re the missing link on your journey toward being healthier and happier.

Promote better sleep

Weight loss may seem related to changes in diet and exercise alone, but it can also result from psychological and emotional factors. Essential oils, when added into a wellness journey, can help relieve stress, alleviate anxiety and enhance sleep quality – three cornerstones of effective holistic wellness journey. Outshone the goal of increasing your gimmicks quotient, the most efficient and effective approach is to adopt a healthier lifestyle – eating well, exercising regularly and making wiser choices when selecting what to eat. In other words, in order to reach success in health and fitness goals, you need the appropriate tools, mindset and support system in place. A trusted health coach or dietitian is an excellent place to start; with their assistance you’ll soon be on your journey towards being healthier!


Essential oils can be an invaluable ally on the path to wellness. Not only can essential oils support physical and mental wellbeing, they’ll help ensure you stick to a healthier lifestyle more successfully as well as contributing to weight loss goals – two more reasons it’s crucial to incorporate essential oils into your routine!

One of the primary uses for essential oils is detoxifying your body, which can aid in weight loss by encouraging fat cells to break down and diminish. You can do this either through breathing in their aroma or applying them topically; Juniper Berry essential oil has long been known to promote digestion while flushing away waste products from your system.

Oils such as lavender oil can also help improve your mood, decreasing emotional eating and junk food cravings. They provide relief from depression and anxiety which make maintaining weight control harder than it needs to be.

Essential oils have long been recognized for their ability to stimulate metabolic rates, so using them can speed up calorie burning. Furthermore, certain varieties also increase energy levels – meaning you have even more motivation to get up and move around!

Adding oils to your diet may be more effective if they come as part of a blend that provides multiple advantages. One such blend, called doTERRA MetaPWR Metabolic Blend, brings together several of the best oils for weight management into a single blend that you can use topically, bathe in or take as capsules – providing maximum benefit and efficiency!

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