How to drink water?how much, when and how?

Are you wondering what kind of an article this is about and how lame it sounds? Drinking water is such a basic aspect and why would we bother when and how to drink water. We usually focus on what food to eat, what is healthy eating , healthy diet but do we pay attention to a very essential part of our body: THE WATER? Our body is 70% water and we should be thirsty for water. When to drink and how to drink water is equally important to how much we should consume it. Water provides very crucial nutrients required for our body which is best obtained by drinking the right way.

You need plenty of water to function and feel good. However, you lose a lot of water everyday through breathing, sweat (even if you don’t work out), urine, and bowel movements. Your only choice for perfect health is to replenish your body with ample water.

First let’ s see how to find out if we are drinking enough water-

  1. Dryness– If your skin, lips, eyes, hair are dry
  2. Inflammation– Clogged pores leading to acne are sign of dehydrated body
  3. Urine color– A dark yellow urine is complete indication of lack of water
  4. Constipation– less bowel movement or trouble
  5. sweat– little or no sweat 

Is there a right way to drink water, let’s find out-

1.Drink Luke warm water

Ice cold water freezes the enzymes and fluids in your gut so your body can’t properly digest food, which creates toxic buildup. In addition, the blood vessels constrict so the toxic buildup gets stuck inside you instead of draining through your lymph (cleansing) system. Blood vessel constriction also prevents blood from circulating where it needs to be, restricting your organs from getting nutrients when they need them. Lukewarm or hot water gently encourages the natural flow of the lymph system and over time, you have less buildup. This rule is extremely important for women during menstruation or when wanting to conceive because ice cold water reduces the circulation and energy needed to prepare the reproductive organs.

Bottom line: ice cold water makes your body work harder than it needs to work.

2. Drink one tall glass (16oz) of warm water the moment you wake up.

Your body worked all night to package up yesterday’s waste. This is why you often have to use the bathroom first thing in the morning. To make sure the body is clean, flush your body with warm water immediately after waking up. Don’t wait until 15, 20, or 30 minutes after waking up, because then you’d just be holding on to waste instead of eliminating it. Some of this morning water might not be absorbed, but the point of drinking so much water at once is to stimulate the proper bowel movement.

3. Set a goal to drink half your body weight in ounces each day.

Here’s a real life example. I weigh 120 pounds. Half my body weight is 60 pounds, so my goal would be to drink 60 ounces of water a day. I drink 16 ounces of water as soon as I wake up, so that means I have 44 ounces left to drink during the day. If you’re outside often or very physically active, increase your water intake until you’re quenched. Heavyset people might have intercellular water retention due to years of improper diet. Talk to your doctor if you are retaining too much water.

4. Find a water bottle or container and calculate how many servings you need a day to meet your goal.

The low cost, practical way? I repurposed a 32-ounce glass juice container to be my water bottle. I drink about 2 jugs a day. When I’m on the go, I pour water from this jug into a smaller container so I still have an accurate measure when I come back.

5. During the day, sip water but don’t chug – especially with meals.

When I first started drinking more water, I’d chug water at night because I kept falling short of my 2-jugs-a-day goal. I was happy I reached my goal but then I’d grumpily have to wake up during the night to pee. I never absorbed the water I chugged.

I would rather you calmly sip your warm water and fall slightly short of the goal than chug. Most importantly, don’t chug water with meals because you are killing the digestive fire (agni) that’s trying to process your food. Based on the same principle, you also don’t want to chug water right after a meal. Instead, 30 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of water. This hydrates the stomach’s buffering lining so it’s able to produce the sufficient stomach acid you need to digest difficult foods (dairy, eggs, nuts, etc). There’s a fine balance. Don’t drink a whole glass of water right before a meal, or you might dilute your stomach acid.

Daily Drinking Water Target

• Wake up: Drink two 8-ounce glasses of water (this will flush your body)
• Breakfast: Sip water with breakfast as needed
• Between breakfast and lunch: Drink at least 1 glass of water
• 30-45 minutes before lunch: Drink 1 glass of water over 15 minutes
• Lunch: Sip water with lunch as needed
• Between lunch and dinner: Drink at least 1 glass of water
• 30-45 minutes before dinner: Drink 1 glass of water over 15 minutes
• Dinner: Sip water with dinner as needed
• Between dinner and bedtime: Drink at least 1 glass of water (if you drink a lot of water too close to bedtime, you might wake up in the night to pee)
• Sit down when you drink water. You eat sitting down to focus your body on digesting food. Give your body the same peace when you sip water.

Exercise Drinking Water Target

• 15-30 minutes before exercise: Drink 1 glass of water
• During exercise: Sip water
• After exercise: Drink 1 glass of water

The following are the most elementary requirements of a healthy body. Drink a minimum of two glass of water immediately after leaving the bed in the morning. The reason is it helps in excreting out all the toxins of our body and it help in a clear motion. If the motion is clear our mind is more active throughout the day and we feel less tired. Secondly never drink water immediately after and before taking food. The reason is it hampers the digestion of food and it ferments the food which results in gas formation. It is suggested that after 90 minutes of meal only, one should drink water. Another important thing to keep in mind is the amount of water to be drunk per day for a healthy life. It is dependent on the weight of the body viz. weight of body divided by 10 and subtract 2 from the result. The result is the amount of water in litre that needs to be consumed. For example a man of 70kg should drink (70/10)-2= 5 litre of water daily. Talking about the posture, drink water while sitting and drink it slowly sip by sip. One more important point to note is the temperature of water. Drink water which is at room temperature. The reason is our body has a mechanism of processing all the things at the body temperature i.e. 37 degrees Celsius and doing so it requires blood of that temperature, so when we pour in a cold water our stomach demands blood from the nearby organs like heart, intestines, etc. which in turn disturbs their functioning which causes various diseases. Following these points in our daily routine will definitely help us keeping ourselves healthy. Health is the first and foremost requirement of all so be healthy preach healthy.

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