Stay Hydrated – Different types of water and their benefits

Find which one is best for you

We have always been advised by doctors to drink 8-12 glasses of water everyday. Staying hydrated has a lots of benefits, but not all water is created the same. Some types of water are suitable to drink and some are not, some contains more nutrients and benefits than others. Amongst the very essential factors of living is food, water and good health, one might survive without food for days but can’t go without water for even a day. Water forms 2/3rd portion of our body and plays an important role in helping digestion, removing constipation and carrying oxygen to your cells. Considering these factors, it is important to understand the different types of water available and their uses.Let’s find out different types of water options we have today.

Types of water
Types of water

Here are the different types of water and what you should know about them.

  1. Tap Water– Tap water is that which runs in our taps regulated by industrial regulations prevalent in your country. In United States it is totally OK to drink tap water . But publicly supplied water can contain pesticides, residues and other undesirable substances which is why some people avoid drinking tap water. Installing a home filtration system for tap water works best for further cleaning.
  2. Mineral Water– As the name suggests mineral water contains minerals such as sulfur, magnesium, calcium etc. Minerals found in water is necessary for our body as our body cannot create these minerals on its own. These minerals helps in digestions and maintaining overall health.
  3. Spring Water– Spring water is a type of bottled water whose source is from springs, glaciers or from where the water flows. This water is relatively free of toxins and contains helpful minerals. Today spring water is readily available in market in bottles. It may pose health risks if unfiltered or untested.
  4. Sparkling Water– Sparkling water or commonly known as carbonated or soda water, it is infused with CO2 gas while under pressure. It feels fizzy but without added sugar and sweeteners. Though it contains minerals but can’t be beneficial to our health in any meaningful way.
  5. Distilled water– When tap water is contaminated distilled water is the best option. Boiled and collected back into liquid is what is called distilled water. But there are no health benefits to this water as there are no minerals and vitamins left in distilled water.
  6. Purified Water– When tap water is treated to remove harmful substances it is called purified water. This way water is guaranteed to be safe for drinking. Many countries purify water before supplying to the taps which is why it is safe to drink directly from the tap in many developed countries. Installing a purification system at your home can give you the same benefit. This way potentially harmful substances are removed without compromising on essentials minerals.
  7. Flavoured water– Water when sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners contains natural flavours. Today there are so many flavour available in bottled water. But this water might not be suitable for people with diabetes and can lead to weight gain because of addition of sweetners.
  8. Alkaline Water-A higher pH level water is called Alkaline water, it will contain alkaline minerals and ORP (oxidation reduction potential). Alkaline water has been a topic for research since many years, studies showing that it neutralizes the acid in the body, helps slowing the ageing process and so on.
  9. Well water– Well water is collected directly from the ground. Wells were very common as source of drinking water in many countries for many years, the benefits of drinking raw and untreated water can outweigh many types of water. Well water can be checked regularly for bacterias, nitrates and pH levels if consumed for drinking.

We can have our preferences for drinking which kind of water now, but there is not one but many that provide several health benefits. As long as water is clean and safe it is fine to drink it, the main concern is to keep ourselves hydrated and drink enough on regular basis.

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