Antioxidant acne drinks- Home remedies for acne

Home remedies for acne

There is no denying that we take care of our skin superficially more than internally. Most of us follow a specific skincare routine – cleansing- moisturising-protection against sun. But what we forget is we need to consume more internally in order for our skin to glow naturally from within. Antioxidant acne drinks are perfect home remedies for acne, blemishes and all other skin related problems.

When it comes to acne problems we use all kinds of approach like skin treatments, cleansers, skin packs and so on. It gets extremely stressful for those who undergo side effects of pimples and regular burst outs. We decided to research more on this situation and finally came out with sipping on healthy drinks for acne problems. These home remedies for acne will not only help you smoother complexion but also will quench your thirst with a clearer skin sans skincare products.

Take a look at these home remedies anti-acne beverages

Spearmint tea for acne

Spearmint tea for acne

Dr. Robert Segal, MD, FACC, RPVI, and co-founder of recommends consuming one to two glasses of spearmint tea for at least 30 days to see the effects on skin. In any case, drinking spearmint tea improve acne because it will also help people personally connect with the notion that everything you consume has a direct effect on your overall health.

Matcha Tea for acne

Matcha tea for acne

Matcha tea is filled with incredible health benefits and full of antioxidants, which counteract the sebum oxidation that occurs before acne forms. Ingesting antioxidants found in matcha tea reduces inflammation of acne from inside. It gives x137 more antioxidants than a green tea will provide.

Turmeric Tea for acne

Turmeric tea for acne

Turmeric tea’s main component is curcumin which is widely known for anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-oxidant, and anti-fungal properties. In ayurveda, it has been long used for medicinal purposes for skin as well as pimple-banishing effects. While today, turmeric is a popular health drink, you can also add one teaspoon to hot water to drink as tea for similar acne-healing benefits.

Kefir for acne

Kefir for acne

Kefir is a fermented milk drink similar to thin yogurt made from kefir grains. It is greatly connected to skin health because of its ingesting probiotics which kills bad bacterias of skin from within and reduce inflammation. In one study, participants who drank fermented milk with 200 milligrams of lactoferrin daily saw an almost 39 percent decrease in inflammatory acne lesions over 12 weeks.

Warm Water for acne

Warm water for acne

Hydration is the key to having excellent skin, but drinking of plenty water with optimum temperature will prove to be extra beneficial to the skin health, Drinking plenty of warm water the whole day will regulate good digestion and result in a blemish-free skin. Cold water can actually harden oil that we consume but warm water on the other side regulate digestion as it flushes out all oil residues from intestines. Also, when you drink cold water, your body focuses its energy on regulating your body temperature instead of on digesting food and absorbing nutrients; this could lead to water loss, and dehydration is the enemy of good skin.


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  1. killianwolf says:

    Great advice! I wonder if there are any natural remedies to minimise hormonal acne, which is difficult to battle with topical medicine.

    1. Thank you for liking our post. Will definitely update our next blog post with home remedies to minimise hormonal acne.

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